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Graeme Teague:

Born in the great white north, raised by Aborigines in Australia and Zulus in Africa, Graeme escaped, from a penal colony ship, to the West Indies, via the Arctic! In his former life, he was a storyteller, earning his pints and victuals while sitting atop stone fences and around Celtic hearths. Now safe in the New World, operating from home base on Vancouver Island he, "travels, dives, observes, writes, ponders, muses and publishes the word and light according to Graeme Teague".

David  Vaughan:

Turn David over and you’ll see he is “Made in Canada”, an Air Force brat who has lived in every back-water air base in the vast Dominion, including the Black Fly capital of the world, “Parent”, in Northern Quebec. Currently a corporate tool in Toronto, he dreams of escape to more artistic pastures and not being picked last for sports teams.